Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i am updating 2 days in a row! exciting! working was not that terrible this morning. it is all in who you have to be around i guess. and who you dont have to be around. i have tomorrow off and since jt will be at work i plan to clean like a mother bitch. that is a might boosh reference. i am glad we have 3 seasons of that madness, it makes me happy. so. after my hardcore secret workout i was feeling pretty good and i was also thinking "man, i am glad that is over...why am i doing this?" then i looked at all of the galinburg pictures and said "oh yeah, thats why!". its weird how i think of myself one way and reality is completely different.

nothing else happened today and i dont have anything to complain about. i napped forever this afternoon and it really makes the rest of the night feel strange. i asked jt to wake me up after 45 minutes and 3 hours later i woke up on my own....not a happy camper. now he is out with sam and i am watching "guitar town" as many times as i can in a row.

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