Sunday, September 7, 2008

so, a couple of days ago, i made a little joke about the chupacabra living upstairs. it sounded like a 300 pound clawed beast was pacing a circle at the door of the apartment upstairs and i said "geez, what the hell is that? the chupacabra??". it got a good laugh and i was really proud of myself. just a few minutes ago, i heard it again and i pictured it being the goat eating mythical creature and i freaked myself out so badly that i actually squealed a little bit. it was a squeal/laugh and maybe i did a little shiver/run in place move. in reality, it is just someones dog, maybe needing to be let out. yeash, it is so scary to think about though.

today is a whole day off for me and i could stand to have another. as i was telling jt, the reason for a 40 hour work week is simple...the body does not want to work any more than that. after 40 you just shut down and auto-pilot the rest of the work that you force yourself to do. you can tell when i hit my limit because i start to get snappy and weepy. i also start doing stupid things. i made a drink last night and instead of calling it out and handing it to the person that bought it, i turned around and put it on the counter behind me. i was working at the biltmore store so i blamed it on the strange work environment. the truth is, i was trudging through work hour #62 and my body was not in any way connected with my brain. hey, i know lots of people work lots more than i do i am just speaking for myself here. i shut down after 30 hours of work a week in all honestly. everything else is just me floating around in a misery haze. from here on out is pretty normal. in a week or 3 i have to start limiting my hours at target in order to get more at the ol starbucks where i am a million times more content. i have more to say about my placed of employment but i will leave it at that.

with my day off i have done little to nothing. we went to world market and got some candy. then we went to the target that i dont work at and i got so disoriented and uncomfortable that i almost flew into a panic attack. everything was so familier, yet completely backwards. strange. plus i dont like shopping there anymore. going to target used to be a fun thing for me. nothing to do? hey! lets go to target! now it is the last place i want to be. aaaaanyway. i still bought a robe. robes are so weird to wear. when jt gets home i am thinking we should go see a movie. lots of good things are out. by lots i mean 3.

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