Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i called out of work today. i was so miserable yesterday. at three points throughout the day i wanted to leave. my call in was pathetic. mostly because i never ever call in. that time i was sick last month....other than that i DO NOT CALL IN. the thought of going in made me want to kick something. i basically said "i am not coming in today....okay? sorry. maybe i will come in later. get sorted out...but i am not coming in....now. okay?"

i work very little at starbucks the next couple of weeks so i have to trudge through this retail swamp of sadness. yes, that was a neverending story reference. i love that movie so much.

so. i am not working today and i feel no guilt about it. the worst that they could do is also the best thing. ugh. i am sitting at home watching "the mighty boosh", "kenny vs. spenny", and maybe i will watch a little "mad men". i also have a new book to read and a new vacuum to use. the possibilities are endless!!!!

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