Tuesday, September 2, 2008

oh my, i hate it when people on the internet say "om nom nom nom" in reference to delicious food. it makes me want to knock thier food over and ask if it is still nom nom. geeeeeez. i have a lot of hate withen me. actually i would not say hate, i am just particularly sensitive to picking up on annoying crap and then complaining about it.

it also annoys me when poeple say or do certain things when they know other people are withen earshot just because they want attention, a bad reaction, or praise. i will give you 2 examples. a mom was at the "you know where...the place i work in the morning" with her kid...around 2 years old i would say, and she says to him (in that annoying voice that says 'i dont spank!') "sweety, now which one do you want, animal crackers or fruit snacks?" and the kids gives her an answer and she asks him "okay honey, what flavor would you like? berries or tropical?" and he says berries. she looks over at me and gives me this look, smile, and a head shake that says "what can ya do? my kid is a genius!!!!!!" i couldnt even react because i didnt want to satisfy her. another example from later on in the evening: this couple came in and the woman says to they guy "oh! i found my cell phone!" he asks where and she says "you know my witchcraft table? it was on there!" and she looks at me like "yeah, i have a witchcraft table, i am so different and awesome that you cant comprehend it because it is beyond you....yet i want to impress you." that was what the look said to me. i hope the look that i gave her back says "hey, #1, i am not in the 6th grade anymore so i am not impress with your witchcraftery. #2, you look like you just got out of the meth clinic and you have a purse from 1993. #3, you just came in 9 minutes after we closed and are making my night really suck so get the heck out!"

alright. have to go to walmart now.
i really hope all of that got in there.

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chels said...

hahaha god this was funny!!