Tuesday, September 30, 2008

guess who only has 1.2 jobs? ME! i am only working sundays at the target now. the only bad part will be the next 2 weeks. i am working close to 70 hours this week and next week. i am going to be nuts tired but it will be the last time.

in other news, we finally got a vacuum cleaner today. an actual vacuum cleaner. not a glorified dustbuster. a full sized, attatchments included, bagless, sucky sucky vacuum cleaner that i am going to love using after i type this up. i just used it on a 3 feet by the feet section and the dirt that it got up is insane. and makes me feel shame. once more thing about this vacuum. okay, 2. it has a self cleaning duster and wall cleaner attatchment! woohoo!

i also got a comforter for $12. i love things on sale.

since it is man-date night, i am making an insane brocolli/chicken/cheese/hasbrown casserole, vacumming, and watching made of honor and run fatboy, run. good night ahead! for fun times like this, just come on down!

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