Tuesday, September 9, 2008

i forgot to talk about one of the best things that happened last week. jt likes at least 2 avett brothers songs! i remember when we first got together i was at the height of my avett brothers loving. i tried to get him to listen to it. he never said much but i found out later he was most likely miserable. aaaanyway, in the middle of my hell week, i took emotionalism to the car to listen to on the way to work because it helps me not want to punch things. he told me later that he listened it it without my being in the car and he can sing all of "the weight of lies". it is pretty much the greatest breakthrough in our relationship.

on another note, since the gatlinburg trip i have been thinking about what song i would sing if i were forced to karaoke. chels and dee really tore it up and made it seem fun to sing in public. i came to the conclusion that i would sing this:

and i would try to do the hand moves that she is breaking out as well. i remember when rich let me borrow a kirsty maccoll cd. i listened to this song a million times. i cant find it anywhere so i just youtube the hell out it. sad that she died.

jt is on a date with sam, watching veronica mars and tickling each other....so i am watching a lot of youtube crap, have grey's anatomy going in the living room, and the simpsons on the computer in the kitchen. i need a lot of entertainment. every 6 feet i need something different. oh i forgot that i was watching "baby momma" on this computer before i felt the need to talk about jt's car singing. why is there a computer in the kitchen? he brought one home from work to tinker with. mostly i am using it for background noise while i am washing dishes.

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damnnn chizzels said...

singing in public IS fun!!