Thursday, September 25, 2008

i am going to put my 2 weeks in tomorrow. i honestly cannot work there through the holidays. i wanted to tough it out till after the new year because i know retail is bananas around this time. i just don't see it happening that way. after not giving a rat pile about not going in because of the gas things, i realized that i don't have to be there. it is not nessesary for me to have 2 jobs the way it was this summer. now that i have regular hours at starbucks i have no reason to stay there. i also remembered that i can leave, i am not going to be struck down just because i quit. i know i can't just stop showing up and be a jerk about it, which is kind of what i am doing by using ashevilles gas problem as an excuse not to go in. i am handing in my 2 weeks and i am done with it! i am sure it is a great company to work for and i am sure there are people in this particular store that love to work there, just not me. plus i have 30+ hours at charlotte street and there is no way i could work almost 70 hours a week. i am crazy as it is, without overworking myself. so it's final, 2 weeks from tomorrow i will hopefully have only one job and it's a job i don't hate going to. YAY!

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