Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"you know, weird....awkward"

hard candy. this movie is making me un-com-fort-a-ble. egad, honestly. i also saw this guy in the movie "little children" a couple of days ago and that movie made me all unsettled as well. we bought the movie because it would complete our 4 for $20 and thus cheaper to own than rent almost. now i own a another movie i wont watch a second time. we have a lot of those. egad, this movie just got more awkward. plus there is no soundtrack (out blockbuster big deal guy pointed that out) so it makes me feel even more uncomfortable.
i just made chicken and dumplings. i plan to have a human sized portion and leave the rest for lunch tomorrow. possibly. we'll see. if i can even EAT while watching this movie.

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