Thursday, July 3, 2008


so i worked at target tonight. officially. working. on the floor. when i first clocked in, i started to the back to find someone to tell me what to do. i got stopped by 3 "guests" asking me various questions, taking things apart asking and me to put them back together, to shop for them, things like that. i broke a sweat within the first 5 minutes. that was pretty much a sign of how the rest of the night was going to go. all i can say is that it is WORK. i only stopped going for about 10 minutes the whole night. i got a 15 minutes break but it took me that long to get to the sitting down place. i sat, sent jt 2 text messages, then got right back up and started working like i have never worked before. well, i am sure i am exaggerating there but it is a lot harder than i could have imagined. well, not hard.....just non stop and fast paced. which is exacting what they tell you when you start but i had no idea. when you shop there, you don't notice actually how many people are working, their walky talky chatter, constant "zoning" of the shelves, la la la. its crazy. i like it and i know i will get more comfortable there. all i know is that i will never shop the same. i will be more considerate of the people that have to clean up after my being indecisive and inconsiderate. oh i dont want this thing anymore, let me put it in a random place waaaaaaaay across the store. no more of that. you would not believe the crap we have to put back in the right spot. seriously.
anyway. i am really really really tired. jt made pancakes (and waffles......?) and coffee for me this morning. nothing better than waking up to food. we watched "kitchen nightmares" all day long, then i went to work. that is pretty much my day. and when i said we watched "kitchen nightmares" all day long i mean i watched it from 10am till i got ready to leave for work at 440pm, then i am pretty sure jt kept watching it till i got off of work. now i am watching it AGAIN. i love this show. i love love love love it. we only watch the uk version though. the american version makes me ill.
anyway, happy 4th of july! think of me when you are watching fireworks and eating great cookout food. i will be at target, sweating and moving faster than i think anyone has ever seen me move.
i promise a post that is not about work will be coming up at some point.

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