Tuesday, July 1, 2008


first official day at target. officially on the floor first day. there are some differences between the 2 jobs. at target, i watched a video, took an alcohol selling quiz, pretended to ring people up for 5 minutes, THEN i got my own register and rang people up in real life. it was honestly traumatizing. i know there are people around to help you when you need it but it is just strange to be taking care of "guests" after skimming a pamphlet and playing cashier on a dummy till. i would also like to say that i may hardly be on a register in the future, i am mostly "zoning" the aisles and talking to people. i get to put that bag of whatever that you decided you didn't want back where it goes. at any rate, it was frightening. i would like to say that everyone was really nice and patient with me. something i like about ringing is the ultimate price power. something rang up as 2.99 and the woman said "oh my, that said 1.99 on the shelf!" and i said "well well well (pushed a button or 2), now it says 1.99 here too!". that is great.
i developed a great headache that may be because of my nervousness at work or because i am trying not to eat a whole cake a day. i gave in at blockbuster and got a mr.pibb. it didnt taste that great because sodas in bottles that are not super cold never do. my "treat" has been cantaloupe and it is doing me right so far but i am sure i will get tired of it pretty soon.

the point of this post was to talk about this gem of a remark a blockbuster guy gave us. i rented "hard candy" and he was talking about liking the movie and ellen page's role. he then said that he hated juno because "(sigh, eye roll, still looking at the ceiling) it just collapsed under the weight of its own potential". oh boy. just like when they were talking about a movie being "soooo transcendent", we used the quote to describe everything. this mr pibb collapsed under the weight of its own potential. that really did happen though.

i cant think of any pictures to put up here yet but i want to include at least one a day. i have till the end of today to get it up here.

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