Tuesday, July 8, 2008


we are a week and some days into "operation eatin' good". it is amazing how differently i feel in this short time. fruits, vegetables, no soda, no treaties....and i really don't feel like i am depriving myself. mostly because i am eating throughout the day, just not a whole cake at a time. we went to asiana day before yesterday and it was the worst idea. we didn't eat even half of what we would have in the past and felt like crap. just bloated and heavy feeling. we both agreed that if we could have gone back and eaten at home, something better for us, we would have.
work is going well. starbucks is my comfort zone and even though i am only there 2-3 days a week i enjoy it a lot moreand appreciate the fact that i know what i am doing there. target is pretty much a 5 day a weeker and it is hard work. not difficult, just hard work. the only time i really stop is when i need to find something for someone. i am grateful for that break and it most likely will give me the chance to use the walkie talkie. who doesn't love a walkie talkie? i know it fills me with a moment of joy. nothing really exciting is going on other than that. i am at starbucks tonight....7 something to close.
i think i am going to strap my skates on after the movie we are watching (fierce people starring jt's celebrity girlfriend diane lane) and skate around the laundry room. FUN!

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