Thursday, July 17, 2008

oh my

operation "eating' good" has taken a terrible turn. last night at the target i found a scale in our computer training room. why the scale is there i have no idea. anyway, i weighed myself. it was the worst idea ever. but in my mind i was thinking "oh, the reason the scale is back here is because someone returned it because it obviously doesn't work". i convinced myself that it was massively off and started working. i also thought it was wrong because i really feel a lot better and not as heavy and gross. i even feel like i have lost a pound or 3. ANYWAY. i work and work and work then i went on my first break. a very young man was also on his break so i asked him to kindly weigh himself to see how much the scale was off. he did and said "yeah, i think it is off by at least 2 pounds!". i was looking for something more along the lines of 30 pounds off. i threw a little fit internally but externally i said "oh...thanks?". last time i weighed myself was when i lived in bristol so it was not that long ago. between then and now i have gained over 25 pounds! so when i weighed myself i was hoping to see a few pounds less than what i weighed the last time i got on a scale but what i got was 25 pounds more than that! seriously! i felt like i gained all of that in 2 seconds because my mind could not wrap around it. so, that sucks really really bad but i am still keeping up with not eating crap food and lots of it. i do feel like i am making progress and though it really sucks that i have to think about these extra pounds i am not going back to my old ways. even if i didn't see any progress, i don't think i could start eating the way i did again. i always felt terrible and lethargic. not that i am a vision of energy but i am getting there.

lets talk about other stuff. i am off both starbucks and target today. what sucks is that i have to work both tomorrow. from 6a something to 11p something i will be working it up. exciting. since i have today off we are going to try to get out of the apartment for a while. most of the time now that i am working a lot all i want to do is come home and rest when i am not at work. i used to want to spend every waking moment out of this apartment. days off are a different story. i feel like i am wasting time if i just stay in.


robin said...

you should have lots of time to put that camera to use!

chelzzzzzzzzzzzie said...

eating well is only half the battle. you have to begin an exercise program (side note... i typed problem first haha)

if you want some help, let me know.

love you!

Anonymous said...

Shew, as long as your happy comfortable anything under 300lb is ok. Look at me I went all my life at 99 to 100 lb. Became content now knocking on 145 door. Ok who am I kidding it sucks BIG TIME!!!!!!!!! But now I just LOVE LOVE the food any food all food and a big ol bowl of cero before bed mmmmmmmmm.

Chari, coming in 8-6 thru 8-13, surely you can take a few hrs fer me if NOT DD and sissy knows where you live, I will show up in my cheeta outfit grawwwwwwwww...hehehehehe

All 180 lbs of ya hahahahahahaha BTW charlie sissy wt 130 heheheheheheehheheheeheheheh

Anonymous said...

the Starbucks you started at in Ft. Lauderdale is it 1100 W Broward Blvd.? If it is they are closing it down as one in the list of Starbucks closures. Just wondering