Saturday, July 19, 2008

...the love that let us share our name

i am listening to the new avett brothers song. it is the greatest feeling to hear something new from 2 of the greatest voices EVER. uhg, i am going to listen to it all day. jt is outside with the locksmith because guy locked his keys in the car. they are just lying in the seat, bless his heart. the plan was for me to come home, eat a great sandwich, lay on the couch where is is cold, watch "the great debaters", and maybe fall asleep. then we would go to the grocery store. nothing in that list happened. thats a lie. i ate the sandwich. i started the great debaters. i was technically on the couch. i was at home....i guess all of it happened now that i see it in front of me. i am embarrassed. not enough to delete all of this though.
i worked at the target this morning. i have never worked there in the morning. i can just say this: i was bored out of my mind. at night we are running around, everything is a mess, "guests" are everywhere, and it is a rush around type situation. in the morning it is quiet and since it was all "zoned" the night before there is really nothing to do. i carried a comforter around. i put a "camp rock" alarm clock away. i helped some people. all around uneventful. i saw a person doing the job that i am getting ready to start next week and they were drenched in sweat. maybe it pays more because it is more difficult? i am guessing they dont pay more for less work.
jt is still outside with the lock guy. i want to nap in the worst way.

hey everyone. i am not sure how to reply to comments on this bad boy and even if i did, how would you know to check there? i would like to address some of them here if i may.

chels----what in the hell should i do to work out? i am doing my secret workout once every 2 weeks. is that not enough? ha, that was a jokey joke. but really i do need to work out.

penelope---i wonder why they shut down that store?? that was a million dollar+ store! when you come in, i will most likely be working at one place or another but you guys should come spend the day here and we can have a fine dining experience. bring the cheetah outfit.



who else reads this?

jt---you are a poopy face! just kidding, i love you!


Anonymous said...

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...Chels must have been using the brain cell today. HELLO Starbucks closing list are ALLLLLL over the news on TV and the NET!!!!! FYI Starbucks is shutting down a ton of places! FYI also I did not see Asheville, JC, Bristol, or K-town on the list.

I wanna be there yesterday!!!! I want to come where I have a whole week-end like Wed. thru Wed. cause I want to visit you, See Nana, and of course Chels has the NEW PAD WE HAVE to break in!!!!!Besides Sissy and DD are them fancy M-F workin gals and ya know my not do mornins, DD no do nights, hell Sis is allover well she HATES waking no matter what hour. I have new birds hehehehehehehehe. Got to see which I will WILL to you an JT hehehehehe.........DD gets Coo, Chels gets the Grey's, there is NO WAY U could handle Bubbles, so I guess hmmmmmmm Love bird is quiet and low maintince guess he's yourn!!!!! hahahahahhahaha


Anonymous said...

Aug. 20 thru 27 will be there


robin said...

I bet you did not know raisins are gried drapes!