Tuesday, July 22, 2008

jt's ticket out

so. today is my day off of any and all work. i didnt wake up till 11:30. i then made chicken and dumplings and perused the internet for hours whilst jt watched the godfather 2 and 3. i had a hankering for something sweet so jt set out to get the perfect treaty. he returned with these beauties:

from sunny point cafe. operation eatin good really went out the window after the weigh in. anyway. these cakes also secured jt's ticket out of the doghouse that he has been in for a few days. thats all we will say about that.

jt has a one on one man-date tonight and i will use the apartment time to do a secret work out, watch the rest of "the great debaters" and "love and sex", the greatest movie of all time.

also, working "you know where" is making me hate humanity. whilst working on "the wave" which is the time of day when everyone works in a specific area together, making it look nice in a hurry...some older ladies said "oh look! its a towel folding party! what fun!" and proceeded to "fold" towels by picking them up and throwing them from one hand to the other. she laughed, sighed and walked on. we were left with the pile of towels she "folded". i also had a woman bring me her full shopping cart and say "honey, i dont want any of this anymore. i am just going to give it to you to put back. i remember when i worked retail and i was grateful when someone gave me something to do!" she patted my hand and walked away like she had done her good deed for the day. i was actually rendered catatonic and had to be taken away on a dolly. i was shocked that someone would do that! honestly! my other favorite is when someone asks for a product and we dont have it, they look at you like it is your fault. someone asked for a pill box and when i showed her the ones that we had, she looked at me like it was my fault we didnt have anything more fashionable than plain plastic. she said "uh, is this all you have?". uhhhhh, yes. things are pretty much grouped together. she walked away in a huff. she needs something to put pills in that has the days of the week printed on it for crying out loud. i lead her to it! is it some sort of trend going on? specialty pill holders? are there some high school musical ones at the wal mart that maybe we dont have yet? people also hold me personally responsible when we run out of things. we recently had patio furniture on clearance and it went out the door in a matter of hours. the next day people we asking about it and when i said it was all gone they would say (among other things) "well humph! i just drove all the way from (insert far away town) just to get this chair and you are telling me you are out!???!". yes, i am telling you that we are out. i forgot to call you personally to let you know the status of the wicker chairs.
it is also making me hate children. i actually heard a kid say "if you dont buy me this i will hate you". the mom bought the thing! if my kid said that to me i would say "hate on son, i am going to spank you within an inch of the next state when we get out to the car!" i hear these things all day long! parents being trampled by these demon kids. i just want to say "tell the kid NO. you are the parent! control the situation! mayday mayday! you are going down!" i have seen one dad actually saying no to his kid and i wanted to hug him! the kid asked "can we get this?" the dad said "no, we are here for so and so and so, no toys today." and the kid said "okay" and went on his merry way. i was proud to have witnessed it.

the end

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