Wednesday, July 23, 2008

yea, meatloaf

why am i still in my target clothes? maybe because it is almost 7 and neither putting on pajamas nor putting on a whole new set of day time clothes sounds like a good idea. there is something sad about both. the thought of staying in red and khaki mode is a little sad as well. i have an urge to "zone" everything in the apartment and make everything "green". ha, oh target, you slay me with your secret talk.

i am making meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. not the healthiest thing but since it is ground turkey that should count for something. i am also using 2% in the potatoes so shut your mouth. i have been thinking about dinner all day long and that is not lie. even before i went to work i was thinking about the great dinner ahead. i have been loving the comfort food lately. chicken and dumplings yesterday, meatloaf today, tomorrow i am thinking about making beans and cornbread. i am just needed some comfort. either that or i am just trying to recreate a cracker barrel in the apartment.

i am off again tomorrow. that is pretty exciting considering i thought i would never have a day off again. when i start the new position monday i wont have a day off but schedule craziness is minimal. i think i have one day i work at both places but i have a huge gap between the 2. niiiiice. uhg, i am boring myself writing this, i just dont have much to look at on the ol' internet. there are a few blogs that i read but they are not striking my fancy.

i also haven't been feeling very crafty lately. i think i am going to put all of my craft things away and make the dining room table a table to dine at again. i guess i only get that crafty feeling when the weather sucks. not that i take advantage of the great weather and spend it outside. i dont know.

at this point i am just typing to type.

goodbye now.

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