Monday, April 23, 2012

Seriously. you guys. I'm serious. I'm really going to do it this time.

Since I last posted a blog entry: I have moved twice, I am now a single lady, I started eating 100% more avocado, and....really those are the biggest changes in my life.

I moved to Hendersonville after the Great Break-up of 2012 and the best part of that was knowing for sure that I was the coolest person in town. Henersonville was pretty grim? Maybe because going through something emotional when you are further away from family, friends, or any familiar person than you have ever been is a little intense. Plus the shower in the house I was staying in was a solid 3 feet by 3 feet box of cold water terror. That's never a plus. I would have to say, and I've said it a million times that living in the Bachelorette Cottage in Hendersonville was the best possible situation at the time and had it not been for Aaron, my boss, I would have had no choice but to move back home and I am really not sure what that would have been like. I didn't realize till after going through the break-up that I have people that care about me and I have people that I can call when things go bad, when something goes wrong, when I just need to talk. I seriously thought I was alone in life. I just had JT. And when that stopped happening, I just panicked at the thought of being absolutely alone. No way, that was not the case. I was surrounded by not only my best friend (woot, Robin C.), but by Harmony and Margaret who have since become my #2 BFF's. I am not 30 yet, I can still use the term BFF, fact. I have to say that I got over the break-up abnormally quickly, even though I was sure during the first 2 weeks that I was going to die and no one on the Earth had gone through anything as painful. JT and I are not hangin' out buddies by any means but we are on great terms and if and when I see that dude out and about, I am going to say "good to see you!" and if I see him with a lady friend I will give him the thumbs up and maybe a friendly air hump as if to say "I hope you are going to hit that tonight old friend, get yours!". I would hope nothing less from him. All in all, pretty positive stuff coming out of the whole situation.

Moving on. I am back in Asheville. Living with Brian, who was a strong acquaintance, now a roommate and friend! He is amazing and I absolutely could not have asked for a better situation. i haven't really lived with people other than a short stint in Fort Lauderdale when I lived when some people that I never saw because I worked a lot and hid in my room the rest of the time. I never ate food there, I never really hung out in any space other than my room so I am not even sure they knew I lived there. I hope I'm a good roomy and it won't turn into a sitcom situation. You know what I mean.

I am sure to get into some more details as they are appropriate but I just wanted to post a little something today to get warmed up. My writing skills are kind of sad. Get used to it. I am also going to make a "blast from the past" type entry once a week, posting an entry from my Livejournal! FUN!!

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