Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I said I would post everyday....

....but I didn't say it would be a long entry! BOOM!

Highlights of today:

-Woke up.

-Went to work.

-Waited on Astronaut Mike Dexter to come in.

-Resumed living normally after his regular time came and went.

ugh, lists are exhausting. Let's type regular style. Who uses the right shift key? Are you supposed to use it? I just used it to make that '?' so I guess I just answered my own stupid question. Why won't this thing Autocorrect?? Having to put in my own....what are those things called? ? ? Oh my goodness, I can't think of what those things are. It's<-----in that word. Upper Comma. I refuse to Google it, I refuse to think about it anymore, and I am sure it will come to me at some point. Anyway.

I came home and honestly that's pretty much it. I talked to Robin for a few hours, watched the first 10 minutes of a few movies, took a couple of cat naps, ate some food, and now I'm here. My biggest concern at this second is my injured left index finger. I smashed it in a door and I am worried that the nail is going to fall off. It's a really stressful and hectic life I lead. My second biggest concern is whether or not it was a good idea to eat 2 fiber one bars before bed. Only time will tell.

Tomorrow I plan on passing a grown man a note. I am also a grown up and I'm really not sure how appropriate my plan is. What passed as cute when I was in my early 20's may not fly now? Again, time will tell. Hopefully he will see how adorable it is and text me immediately....if he is a texting type of person. He doesn't seem to be. Deal breaker? Who knows. It's Astronaut Mike Dexter. Thanks 30 Rock.

There. I posted. Nothing exciting but "them's the berries", as they say. Who says that? No one.


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