Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the chocolate bar in the fridge was still the first thing i thought of when i woke up this morning. this is going to be difficult. day 2 of 45.

i had a slice of cantaloupe and a hunk of orange watermelon for breakfast. earlier i had a little piece of cheese and a kashi bar. i am not counting the kashi bar as sugar, though i should. okay, its the last one. geez.

tuesday means nacho night for this gal, hence i am going to work out like a mad person so i can have my delicious mamacitas chicken nachos. i could have it every single day of the week. jt is super tired of eating there so i save it for tuesday, when he goes to sams.

i also have to work at the ol starbucks tonight and it is going to be hard for me to not have a "beautiful handcrafted beverage". i went for a long while without partaking and then i went through the "oh, its been a month since i have had a drink! i can have a short nonfat no whip mocha and be done with it". yeah, right. the next day i will get a tall 2% no whip, then a tall 2% with whip, then a grande with whole milk and whip, and before you know it i am back to my tall breve mocha. people, that is pure half and half i am drinking like water. ugh, gross. it helps that most of the people i work with either drink americanos or juice of some version.

at the moment i am waiting to call into the "other job" to see if i have to work this afternoon. being on call at a retail job at least 3 days a week is so so so stupid. if i were the type of person that does things, i would be pissed because you cant plan anything because there is a chance you may have to work. 8 times out of 10, they don't need you.

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~*Robin*~ Woo, I'm 12! :-) <3 said...

Good luck with the no sugar thing. I still feel like I have to have dessert after every meal. And if I didn't put so much hot chocolate in my coffee in the morning, that "meal" would also be included. :/