Monday, June 1, 2009

2 posts in one day!

today is day 1 of my trying to go 45 days without sugar. i figure i have tried to stop eating and drinking junk before and i dont get very far so i am going to try to get through these 45 days and hopefully not feel like i neeeeeed a treat.

i woke up and remembered a fancy chocolate bar i bought last night and only ate 2 squares of. i wanted it like nothing else but i put it in a ziploc and put it into the freezer.
i also recently bought 4 12 packs of soda for some reason and it is very tempting. they were on sale. i have no idea why i bought them. not that we don't drink soda, we just had never really bought 2 liters, cans, or bottles to just have on hand. it would be like a meth user having their own lab, its just not a good thing.
i had some melon and water for breakfast and leftover pizza for lunch. i am not eating particularly well, i will deal with that later. right now i just want to work on my issues with sugar. its an addiction people!

i am not sure what is happening with dinner but it will not involve a fudge cake sundae from sonic.

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