Friday, March 13, 2009

today is the last day of the malibeast. she is moving on the what i hope is a greener pasture. though i don't believe in greener pastures. anyway. the car has basically been living (or dying in this case) to piss off the neihborhood for the past 8 months and a constant source of stress for me. i thought of fixing it a little and selling it but even the bare minimum would be more than i could get out of it. so then i wanted to junk it. it is honestly too good to junk, if somone one was able and willing to put time, work, and money into it. then christoper at work tells me about his car guy. basically i am giving up the malibeast for a better laser. he is going to do the breaks, shocks, tires, muffler issue etc etc on the laser in exchange for the shell of a lady that is the malibeast. i know he can get at least a year or 2 out the ol' gal that i don't have the money to give her. the reason i bring up the car guy is that i feel like he is going to be pretty entertaining. he is getting up there in the years but has the mind of a jack russell terrier. everything is going a million miles a minute and i know he is going to spit out some gems sooner or later. i will keep you posted on it. my favorite of today was "well, i am going to grab a bagel, carnation instant breakfast, a starbucks doubleshot, maybe some more coffee and i will head on over there!" instead of "i need to grab some breakfast first". instead of "i need to look up your address" he said "i am just going to put your address into some site and it will just take me right to the car and i will pick it up. hey, google maps, insane right? i like to look up my childhood home and see all of the new houses going up. i remember a few years ago when the white van with the camera sticking out of the top was driving around this neighborhood. crazy stuff." it went on for much longer but i am hoping you get the point.

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