Saturday, March 7, 2009

let me tell you something about our computer. first, it is jt's computer but i like to say everything in the apartment is "ours", unless it is mine. whats his is mine, whats mine is mine. i would love to say i am joking but i am just this selfish. moving on. the computer power button went kaput some time ago and it requires crawling under the desk and stabbing the insides with a fingernail file. sounds safe doesn't it? this is why i never bothered to learn how to do it. jt is in georgia, i opted to stay home and lay around instead. i am not sure what i was thinking. anyway, last night i was thinking "i can make it through the long as the computer stays on." then around 4 am the power blinked, as it often does, and the computer shut down. i could have cried, that is no joke. not only would i be without, i would have to sit in silence. the fan creates a comforting white noise that i love and hate. i couldnt sleep because i then heard the dripping faucet, the heater cracking, and i even heard someone upstairs sneeze. i woke up and flipped the monitor the bird. needless to say i turned the beast on but not after i exhausted all other entertainment in the apartment. my computerless day before i begged for power instructions:

i woke up and got ready to walk at the park with harmony. it was packed with people, which kind of pissed me off. it was less like walking and more like dodging kids with various wheels under them. after 2 miles we called it quits. when i got home i flipped the computer off again and got ready to go downtown for a while. even though i had no business there, i thought it was a good idea. it was actually a dumb idea. it was packed like i have never seen it. people everywhere. not regular people. assholes. i these ladies were crossing the road and almost got ran over by some bitchy teens. they were hanging thier heads out of the window screaming "move your asses!" and honking. the ladies were saying over and over "is that nessesary!?!?" i really saw both sides of the story because i didn't like the whole lot of them. moving on. i went to malprops, thinking i would find a book and maybe hang out and read somewhere. it was asshole city in there! no joke. there are signs everywhere that say "use your cellphone outside" and it love them for it. apparently this girl came to a bookstore not knowing how to read because she was screaming into the phone walking from one end of the store to the other. "WOW! I CANT BELIEVE THAT! WOW! SHE REALLY SAID THAT?! YOU ARE JOKING! YEAH, SHE IS SUCH A BITCH!" and so on and so on. on a funny note, she was talking about how rude everyone around her was. FUNNY. another group of a-holes i encountered was 2 different sets of mother/son duos. one would get right in the middle of a major walkway and stop. the son would play some handheld game thing and the mom would stand beside him looking off in the distance at nothing. meanwhile i am behind them like "really? are you guys really going to camp out here? really?!" i would stand for a few seconds before i said "heeeey.....let me just slide right by ya there guys....yeah....thaaaaanks" the other mother/son duo was kind of the same. they were content to take over a whole aisle of books. wide stance, arms out, bags spread all over, just taking over the whole section. it was impossible to not kick everyone in the face. my least favorite of the bookstore beasts was when a woman took over fiction by parking a huge stroller and sitting beside of it while she breastfed. i have no issues about breastfeeding. please, when i am actually producing food from my body, i am going to whip it out all over the place because that is some amazing stuff but i will make sure that people can get to A-L in the fiction section without seeming like a boob peeper. i must have looked like a dumbass just hanging around waiting for mealtime to be over so i could look for a charlie huston book. i gave up long before burp time. i could not squeeze to her left, between the desk and stroller, or to the right of the lexus of strollers. COME ON! i must have been on bitch mode all day or something. i came home and thats when turned the computer on and watched 2 episodes of angel while stuffing my face with macaroni and cheese from the fresh market that sucks as far and macaroni and cheese goes. i ate it, dont get me wrong. it just sucked. then i took a boredom nap. now i am blogging like a mother fucker.

i really should have gotten my lazy self motivated to go to georgia. i just wanted to lounge around the apartment, seeing as how i was away for almost a week. as soon as jt got a good bit down the road i regretted staying home. its hard to go from being around a group for a bit, then being alone. feel sad for meeeeeeee.

back to my angel marathon. such a good show.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs. Even now from my cell phone and its fucked up comment formatting it seems.

Anonymous said...

Or not. Computer > cell phone

stonedflea said...

hahahahaha. this entry is the reason that i would like a printed and bound copy of your works, ma'am! =)