Saturday, July 12, 2008

well hello stranger.

lot of work going on. i feel very strange about how things are panning out and the ratio of starbucks to target. i figured i would be working mostly at starbucks and a few days at target. now it is full time at target and if i can squeeze some starbucks in there, good on me. i am going to throw out some target talk out here and talk about what is going on there. i was hired to work "hardlines" which is the least fun thing i have ever done. i walk miles and miles and straighten things. anyway, a few days ago one of the team leads took me aside and offered me a different position that will give me a regular 7a-3p schedule, every other weekend and thursdays off, and more money. of course i took it because it will be more money than i am making at starbucks right now (after almost 8 years! what the heck?!) and their health insurance is just as good. i am not leaving starbucks for good but i am going to ask what the minimum i can get by with and still stay. anyway, i feel like crap about it. like i am not being loyal or something. i dont love target yet but i feel like i may. plus it will be great to have a regular schedule. anyway. nothing really funny has happened in my life and nothing that would make a great entry. we just got back from georgia but we could not even stay a full 24 hours. we went to see john's game (they won and it was great) and jt's granddad was there. i am pretty sure he liked me or at least didnt hate me. penny----his granddad and you would get along famously! well, i have to eat and go to bed. not a good idea, i know. we have not been eating healthily the past couple of days but it really tastes great. we will get back on track tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Why of course we would get along great "Everyone loves me"....hahahaha BTW WTF no call on my birthday???? Biotch!!!!!! I guess I can forgive you. R U comin to see me and let me met JT when I come in next mo. if not I am givin you the meanest birds in my will!

Love ya, Miss ya

Oh PS keep that foot in the door at Starbucks kids I know you will spend that whole paycheck at Targa