Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so, although we slip up every now and again , operation "eatin' good" is still going on. this morning i was starving to death so we went to the greenlife hippie store up the street. mind you it was mid morning and today is obviously tuesday. this place was packed. i mean, packed. when we were leaving i was thinking "ah, no need to even brush my teeth for this little trip". i went in my dress that i wear anytime i am not wearing a target or starbucks getup. it has a stain on the front from some sort of food spillage. my hair looked like you could squeeze it and make fries with the oil dripping from it. getting the visual? anyway, we went and it was packed full of people that looked like they just got finished burning 100$ bills for fun. anyway. i got some fruit, water, and a pack of no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavor, organic cookie that somehow contains green tea extract? the point of that story is---don't those people have jobs?
i was looking forward to getting into this organic fruit because apparently it actually tastes like what it is and not a watered down version of itself that we are all supposedly getting. i think i was just expecting something aaaamaaaaazzzing and all i got was fruit. i thought i was going to be crying and screaming about how wonderful it was. it was fruit. the end. the cookies sucked. i should have known because the packaging is awesome and boasts a "creamy vanilla bean filling". it was a knock off oreo. thats all. whatever. whilst consuming all of this hippie food i was watching "my fair lady" also known as the longest movie on the earth. come on. seriously an hour and a half could have been knocked off. i think even jt could not even take that much of audrey hepburn. i napped in the middle and when i woke up i had not missed anything.

tonight is jts mandate night so i got a couple of movies. fragments of tracy and meet bill. neither of which can hold my attention over the internet. sweet sweet internet. i just found episodes of "this american life" going all the way back to 1995 so i am pretty much set for a few months.

i am still listening to music on the headphones near the pain range. i have been listening to crap i liked in the 90's and good things i like in the 90's. maybe i listened to savage gardens "to the moon and back" 2 times. who knows? i recommend revisiting that jewel. oh! jewel, i should listen to her! maybe. maybe not.

i have listen to this everyday for a week now

it goes to show that sufjan stevens can sing anything at all and i will love it.

what else....i think that is all for now.

penny---when are you coming in?

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