Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blast From the Past Friday!!!!

So. I have been looking over my journal from years ago and what always seemed really funny to me just seems super boring now. Obviously I will feel the same about reading this 10 years from now. The plan was to just copy and paste an entry once a week, in order, from my old journal but it has been a struggle to find something even a tiny bit entertaining. Most of it is boys I thought were cute, work sucks talk, people I can't remember, and complaints that sound way too familiar. Well, that is kind of what I am going through now?? Strange. Anway. Here is a random entry, cleaned up a little.

31st July 2004

1:57am: i want to be a librarian
i want to learn how to play the banjo
i want robin to learn how to play the fiddle
we can have a band
i want to wake up in the morning, go be a librarian, wear cardigans and hair scarfs, come home, play the banjo, and eat macaroni and cheese.
i want to date a guy that is a little taller than me and a little funnier than me. thats pretty hard because i am damn funny.
i dont want to drink but i want to drink red wine out of a plastic cup. maybe i just want grape juice. jesus juice. with macaroni and cheese.
i am not asking for much people!
Interesting, right?

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