Sunday, April 29, 2012

aww crap

Seriously another amazing day that I don't feel like blogging about! I am so tired. To sum up yesterday, I watched 'Cabin in the Woods' and I'd like to get more into that later. I later went to Margaret's house and ate some beans and watched TV and it was amazingly relaxing. I think that's how you know that you have a friend. When you can just relax and not feel like you have to entertain each other. When you can bring over a coffee and they are not hell bent on repaying you for it. When you can say "I don't agree one bit with what you are saying but I still want to hang out with you". Friends.

Today was nice a relaxing as well. I am finally able to admit to myself that wearing sunglasses gives me a headache, no matter how cute they are. I met up with Jt to get the car registration taken care of, for real this time. It has been the lingering reminder of our relationship for months now. Knowing that this was potentially the absolute last time we would purposefully see each other was very bittersweet. We got to talking, as we always do during our "here's some of your stuff" meetings, and we ended up hanging out in the Ingles parking lot for a few hours having the best and most candid conversation we've had in maybe years. During our relationship we were these weird versions of ourselves that were kind of fake and liars in a sense? Now that there is no pressure at all between us, no stress of everyday couple things, no bills to talk about, no dinner talk, it is nothing but 2 people who are comfortable with each other that underneath it all still want to be able to share thier life with the other person. I just wanted to scream "look at how happy we are separately! Isn't this so awesome?? I am so happy that you are happy and I am happy that you are happy that I am happy!!!"

When it seemed to take only a short time to get over our breakup, I worried that maybe I was just fooling myself and that one day I would go berserk. That is not the case. Then I felt as if I would be fine as long as I never had to see him with someone else. Not too long ago I revisited that scenereo and if I were to see him with someone else I would be so happy for him and I would make some lewd sexual gesture while pointing at her and giving him the thumbs up. I know now he would give me the same respect. We are just emotionally healthy and awesome like that. We also shared some things tonight that I don't think are normal for ex's to discuss but it was honestly a lot of fun and I hope we get to hang out some time in the future and I can give him some more advice on picking up ladies. I gave him some platinum advice, that's all I can say about that. His advice to me was maybe I should look for men at Harris Teeter because they are old and have a little bit of the cash. Not platinum advice but still pretty good.

Then I came home! Roomy Brian is home. I've missed his face! I am looking forward to doing little to nothing tomorrow. I have no cleaning to do that I can think of, not a lot of cash to do anything entertaining, and no reason to wake up early. Sounds dreamy.

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