Saturday, March 21, 2009

so, i am sick. i feel like junk and it just happens to be the one week that i have a lot of hours at work. other than that things are okay. i drove to parkway center manually today and that makes me feel pretty good about myself.

a highlight of this week is something of a milestone for me. i fully understand blow drying. when i get my hair cut i am quick to say "cut it in a way that does not require me to use a blow dryer". i get a look that says "you are a grown lady and you don't blow dry your hair? really?". i ignore it and hope that it will be a miracle haircut that will look awesome everyday without using any products, blow drying, or doing anything more than washing and being twisted up in a towel. so since i am not feeling great i showered last night so i could sleep that extra 20 or so minutes. i do this often if i have to work super early. i go to bed with wet hair and it pisses me off all night long. last night i figured it would be worth it to dry it. man-o-man. in the past i have had times where i waved the dryer around for a minute or 2 but not completely. that is the key i guess. completion. holy hell people, not to toot my own horn, my hair looked like a million dollars last night. i stared at it for a minute or 2 and headed to bed with the shiniest, softest, fly-awayless, greatest hair ever. honestly i was looking for a compliment on it on the way to bed but since it was dark i just had to deal with the awesome on my own. it still looks kick ass. the rest of me is zombie-like due to the illness. since i have been tanning i kind of look like a zombie that has been rolling in mud. bigger girls do not tan evenly, i can just tell you that right now.

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robin said...

halfway blow drying your hair is not good. at least it is not for me. it makes it look so wavy and fried out (even though it is not fried at all!). I'm a nazi about making sure it is all dry before I finish.