Tuesday, September 23, 2008

not a lot going on lately. asheville is out of gas. that is the most exciting thing as of late. i mean, completely out of gas. we called in to work for lack of gas. could i have gotten a ride from a target team member? probably. could i have caught the bus? oh yes, definitely. my enthusiasm for the work i do there is less than i can describe. now that i am getting more hours at starbucks i am even less concerned. we all know where my loyalties are! i am just so much happier there. i am going through this weird life crisis right now. actually, its more of a life crisis light. a very mild version of an actual real life situation. maybe it is the lack of gas. or as we called it at work last night, cracky gold. after hearing the same word over and over it looses any meaning. if one more person came in and asked "hey, where can a body get some gas around here?" i was going to scream. they would order a drink, pay, come over to me to wait for their drink and say, "so....what do you think about this whole gas thing? crazy huh?". my favorite reply was "what gas thing?". they would either feel bad for me because i was obviously out of it or they would get annoyed because i was being smart assy.
when i called in i had to talk to the security person. it was frustrating because she could care less why i was calling in. i was explaining that we were stranded (an extreme term, sorry) and i could not come in. so she says "basically you are not coming in....so i am just writing down that you are not coming in". the 'fraidy cat in me started whining about how i was not calling in per say, as much as i just COULD NOT come in. then i remembered that i didnt care and let it go.
with this bonus day off i am doing nothing. i slept till 11:30, watched some mighty boosh, ate 2 hotdogs, now i am watching "the fall" which it one of the best looking movies i have ever seen. after this movie i am doing a secret workout, talking a shower, and maybe thinking about walking to starbucks to get a vivanno. after that, who knows! jt called out of work as well but since we have the computer in the kitchen and in the main room, we havnt talked much today. weird how that works out.

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robin said...

i can't wait to hang out in 2.5 weeks!!