Sunday, July 27, 2008

the first thing i do when jt leaves for his tuesday man-date, i listen to "too cold at home" by mark chestnutt. i love that song so much and i feel like i have to be alone to enjoy it.

i worked at the starbucks today. it was my day off but i honestly wanted to work there so badly i practically jumped through the phone when denise called to ask if i would cover a shift. when i got a call this morning to see if i would come in even earlier i said "YES PLEASE!" and worked a whole shift. uhg, it was just as great as i had hoped. people i thought hated me and always cried "ohh this sucks they haaate me" are people that no one gives a crap about anyway and who cares? and the people that i actually look forward to working with and are not terrible people enjoy my company as well. the day was pretty wonderful and i hate that i am only there 12 hours a week.

i start the new stuff at the target tomorrow. to quote a fellow "team member" he said that, "it is pretty much the sweetest gig target offers" and i hope it is the truth. i am not loving folding the same towel every day. the new position does not involve folding crap at all. oh boy. i am excited. plus i think the people on this particular team are pretty awesome.

just so everyone knows i am listening to "is there life out there" by reba McEntire and i am enjoying it like you would not believe.

uhg, i just remembered i have to go to bed.


chelsie said...

*blow dries her essay*....remember that video? haha funny.

robin said...

i totally remember that video! that poor kid knocks her drink on the paper!